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& we’re off: on some kind of apex (high)

Ann M. Fine

In the land of code
and cinematic symposiums, now is the only &
a great invisible blissful on
          emerge and see;
chances are there is a health
warning on the bottom of your keyboard…

Take a brave bow.
Take the international law review for an instance:
—I tell you these are amateur radio
callsigns, for the biblio-problematic conjugals
or the proud priests that remembered (famously)
that there is a death warrant (you can get) out
to be,     or not be, for you are arrested.

You guess, right?
It is all it takes.

The secretary of façade says: “Dirtsense’s latemodel is on-line”
“and the ‘P’ pull.”

It was a good sign and we took the call.
So we entered a description here in order to become
a member of Titletown, which is the capital of Index
where The Family Genealogy Forum
has decidedly derived at (all messages suspended until
under construction excuse’s    excuse us…
                                  = We can not again resist the knife
          not when    when    is fresh out of ideas;
Sublimated by ceilings created by collisions
(us) falling down in the middle of something busy    each day.
We will get it in good                 and     get by
by viewing the results of our listing of the view
Infamous for being unknown and unknowable
(as our gulping shadows reproached us,
          and told us in one dream)
                    we woke soaked from, and tried:
How we got stuck
          with the job of shimmying
our off-balanced humors,
          with whatever was


                    laying around in the eye.

Ann Fine

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