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poem loosening

Ann M. Fine

In an effort to describe (for plundering sample)
the essence of something; I pick LEAF;
following the direction of an amiable kind
of cartographic memory : maybe the need
to understand complexity (explore)
simplicity the fine line—I go toward
yes      the very one
that lies worn and
microscopically defiant (as homely and metabolic
as worm) that eats its way
between consciousnesses like ours-
          [romancing in the darkness]
                                         and the myth
that a grave language wants
          to be and is
                    speaking through—like

unexplained cravings
          spiritual and ontological cravings
in which you want something you cannot have
          unpossessible things

                    that swim,
                    and gum
                              or suckle the underbelly of your life
(let leaves cover lips do not press)          waive


not of text but of texture, not unpopul…
          of lost names
                              of sleep’s precious agonies
the lonesome ache of good
          Caletre de la pesadumbre
(judgement, acumen, keen insight
                    and weight, and grief) infamously
desirable, as desire of;

music of foreignness          with each
foreign                    object
each color          each           separation
onomatopoetic onomatopoeia on um
auto pick…ahhh

About technicalities, please
pardon our
                    dust. Our
                    domesticalities / wild
points where you lose your      we
lose; forgive me; our
          identity, it. Us.

A part and from,
Lover & beloved;
       two-halved perceived points;
                    flashing in the gaps;
entered, entering
          the lines’
                    verbose vinesong
          LEAF / light


Ann Fine

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