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To The Sitter

Michael Quattrone

I kissed you quick, like water streaming thoughtless-
ness and yes, your breath as cool as mint kept on
arriving in my mouth as tasteless (after) words. Is it
as strange as seeing human legs on metal bicycles,
this ritual of people touching lips as light as butter-
flies in flight above the flora bending low as parents
do? I think as Aristotle did, or someone else I think
that Cupid is as Cupid does: he is as dangerous as any
eyeless infant with an arrow like a bloody baby rapier.
You peddled me the tale as old as tail, I confess it so
I kissed you quick like water streaming thoughtless-
ly and lie I did as guilty as a diaper yet unchanged,
so full of shit, into my husband’s collarbone, like one
stern brow when I got home, as docile as a wife.

Michael Quattrone

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