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Eaves Dropping

Clay Matthews

I had over one hundred things I wanted to say
to the woman who saying to the man who was
saying to the wall I said I don’t know if I can
take this anymore. Setting: The Bank. Background:
A Huey Lewis track played on clarinet. Motive:
To live another day in the hopes of something
really stellar happening. And this was like a movie
because sometimes in life you have to recognize
your self as actor because this makes it much easier
to keep going when it is not you doing the going
but more the going doing you. Stellar. I can’t believe
I thought that, because all that comes to mind now
is this title: How Stellar Got Her Groove Back.
Because that’s how an actor would say it if he’d had
one too many cocktails. He’d say Stellar, then scream
Stttellllarrr!! through the black and white streets,
and while we are making deposits or taking money out
he would be living a completely different life altogether,
slurring, screeching, looking like the world had just
pulled the glass from his hand and slapped him in the face.

Clay Matthews

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