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Maw Shein Win

it's been a long time since i've felt this way. well not really. i fell this away a lot.
what is a lot? how about four months. no, three years. yes, six days. it doesn't
matter how long. there are a lot of things a person can fall over. i don't need to tell
you that. logs. crates. puppy dogs. sleeping bodies.

what is it they say about falling. help me remember. i can't remember what they
say about falling. something about livestock. no, ribbons. or was it bliss. all i can say
is that i fell this way a lot. if it was three minutes or eight years, i can't remember.
if it was the dust bunnies or the chandeliers, i can't remember. all i know is that i
fell. and it felt it felt it felt it felt like felt.

no, that wasn't it

let's drink some water

turn off the radio

so lay flat already

Maw Shein Win

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