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from see you in hell—suckers

Catherine Paquette

I like the fact of grease. I like it on my fingers. I like salt and grease and licking my
coated fingers. I like the fact that the taste tastes good. I like that it is bad. I am
bad. I like the accessibility of grease. I like that I am young and can eat grease
comfortably. I want to eat my favourites every day. But I do not want to get fat.
This is fact—therefore rules: Only eat grease after eating a salad, after a night of
moderate to heavy drinking. Eat grease in depression, in love or after a fight. Eat it
while watching movies; before, during, and/or after sex—or whenever intake is
personally deemed most crucial. In fact, if you do not eat grease, you are boring
and I do not like you.

Catherine Paquette

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