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Soda Pop Girl

Bruce Covey

For 22 pennies the female version rites
Cover flower, smoke, fierce of body.
Spurii’s conceptual thread, a prosthetic battle,
Come whatever rode. Forks left to right.
Coaxes across the flash. What is metaphysics?
A butterfly portal snaps instructions
& all variant comb. Twin titles, audacious
Cherry bomber, jumper, torsion breaks
While walking, fee-nom-e-nol wide shut.
A gauntlet’s blooming magnet stacks fruit
& swimwear. Take brandy, sitting in
An accident, packed in a regular pattern:
The bright communication hub, three
Addictive waves, round tools, & checklist
More a reckless center. This hardened steel
Will not lose its edge under impact.
Extract area’s hazel residence episode.

Bruce Covey

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