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A Day with Doolittle

Meghan Punschke

                           for Lisa

Ooo… that's cute! What is it?
         It's an otter.
What is an otter?
         It's like a seal and a badger.
What is a badger?
         It's like a skunk and a beaver.

That's strange looking… what is that?
         It's an aardvark.
What is an aardvark?
         It's like an anteater and a wolverine.
What is a wolverine?
         It's like a wolf and a bear.
I see.

And, that thing over there?
         That's a muskrat.
What is a muskrat?
         I guess, it's like a squirrel and a mink.
Oh! Like the coat?

What is that bird that delivers the babies?
         I think you're referring to a stork.
Yeah! What about a stork?
         It's like a crane and a heron.
I thought heron was a fish!?
         No, that's herring.
         It's like a bass and a trout.
How fascinating!
         I suppose   so.

Meghan Punschke

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