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Kirsten Kaschock

The news was the town was blessed.
It came at the best time. 
The town had been not happy, disarrayed
in drunks and crossing-guards.  The town needed
a small advantage.  They proceeded to plan
a parade and crown a Queen.  The choice
was a no-brainer.  The librarian had legs. 
Even soccer-moms acceded with minimal
nasty, and one offered to decal her nails
at a really substantial discount.

They put her on a wide-load float, crushed her
glasses, poofed her hair, and there she was.

Angels of the Lord saw the town in all
its glory, and the Queen saw two blurry fits
of white before the town fell down (some
air-borne mutagen).  They suffered
only moderately, which is to say—
it did not take too long, the dying.

Kirsten Kaschock

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