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Ray Succre

Earlier than his sum parts,
he woke courting a feeling of laziness,
and so left his home for a stalking of
things to see.

He started by walking into downtown.
The sun came out clearly and followed
him on his neck.

At the center of town, in a plastic chair,
a series of ghuls crept close, roadside to
chairside, and ate off him, small portions,
leaving him tired, bloodless, bored and

He began walking home.
The lanes tapered into one lane.
Dusk poured out scape around it.

Later than his sum parts,
he reached his living room on two bare
feet made of sights and sounds,
but was so comforted by his home,
he staked himself there for the week.

He saw one point of exit, a door, and he
locked it with full command of the world.

Ray Succre

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