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Creation Myth/Golden Age

Daniela Olszewska

A god from the East and/or above and/or far far away
took to the notion to plant a fetal-curled seed by the banks
of a body of water. Four hundred thousand years of deity-
induced rain and sunshine caused the stone to sprout
into a city’s worth of architecture, gold-leafed astronomies,
and smiling, single-headed cows.
The women’s eyes housed nine-pointed ceruleans
and children were taught at an early age the value
of aneroidical breathing.
Monsters lived the whole of their lives in glass coffins,
surrounded by orange safety cones.
Old men would spend days on their backs,
watching clouds take the shape of semi-sapien eyeballs.
Peopled by swallowers of burning tea leaves,
the inhabitors of this land lacked the mouth
mechanisms to make hissing sounds.
Whenever they felt angry or threatened,
they had to resort to humming.

Daniela Olszewska

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