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The Difference Between Lonesome & High Lonesome, Part 2

Jen Tynes

                    The difference between

afraid and fear           azalea

azalea & those yellow          brushes

at night          the omnivore eats a little

of everything–

                          sometime late they sprayed

[                                                              ]

neon exes into           the shrubberies' faces-

                 the month          a growing bloom of black

on the railing, do you

                    know the names of anything?

* * *

Lumber,           beautiful

sleeper in a paste-           making jar.           Jump the shingles

right out of existence,           a hotel           is not too tall a gift

          of thinking like you.

                              My thumb will fit

against your faces like          a red bird I really want

          to make those things

dance together. Wee           little conversation about it. Kidney

shaped opening
in the hedge, in           the fat.           You as just

as a big wad of dollars

in my fist.      This is my first


Jen Tynes

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