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The Difference Between Lonesome & High Lonesome, Part 5

Jen Tynes

Sometimes the wood is getting

                                        excited on its own,    smell of H-

O-N-E-                     Y means a low

                                         patch of haze on the horizon.

                                                                                              The time of year
you want it to be is still several months

                                                            in the making.
          I am darned

if I affix to you, homebody,                     a whole cauliflower of ears like

                    a ramping over things (w/ engines,

attractions).           California does not lead                     to this "kind" of connection:

                    I am all pussy-tinctured in the back

                              of the theatre, long

                                                                         after the spot                 light we

located smokes.

Jen Tynes

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