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Attention Sir or Madam (Can You be Trusted?)

Samuel Wharton

Please feel free to do so
much more than answer
on behalf of your company.
My syndicate, like a master
lock, holds all secrets in safe-
keeping, ad infinitum. Look,
this commission confers
originality on its members.
Don't you want to be
a founder, a father, a mother?
Can't you be trussed like a fowl
& still come out ok? We think so;
& would like to show you how.
Say my faith is not misplaced.
Say you've not lost the key.
If it's a matter of sources
versus outcomes, I'll gladly open
my text to you. At your
direction, I'll take dictation,
if I believe what you say.
Our cartel's symbol is a bird
of prey, if that tells you
anything. Can you be trysted
to words & ideas both?
We think so, & would love
for you to prove us right.

Samuel Wharton

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