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Welcome to the Fun Head

Jessy Randall

HEAD: to dream you have a great head, or a head bigger than ordinary, and very
highly raised, denotes dignity. Le Marchand’s Fortune Teller, and Dreamer’s
Dictionary (Dick & Fitzgerald, 1863).

It is not my own head. It's so
huge. It is like the floating head
of the Wizard of Oz, or the
absurd head of Mr. Mackey
on South Park. It is a head
to be proud of – a giant
skull and brain, yet without
heaviness. Is it the head
of my husband? My seventh grade
science teacher? My child?
Quick, grab onto the head
and interrogate it. Pull on its
ears and swing from its teeth.
This head is more fun than
a monkey bars! See how the
eyes loll, the neck teeters.
Climb aboard – tickets please –
the head is about to depart.

Jessy Randall

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