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Diving Up

Jessy Randall

Diving up
from hotdogs for dinner,
Legos on the bedroom floor,
a lurch, a gasp for breath.
Here is a cartoon dog
with an English accent.
Kill it, marry it, make out
with it, argue. Ugly words.
Nothing from this life, updived.
The caterpillar got everything
it needed to eat. Inside the cocoon
was a black robot, grotesque,
my mother and I cut into it.
The girl on the playground told lies.
Maybe fall back down, then,
into the spaghettios and the diapers.
My mother never did anything
to hurt me. Doubt myself, doubt
the world, doubt anything else,
but not her love. Dive through it,
push through the water, get somewhere.

Jessy Randall

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