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In Brevity

Steven Karl

SBF 4 SBM or SWM// SWM 4 SJF// SJF 4 SJM no SWM, SBM, SAM, SLM/ hint: j = jewish not japanese// SLF 4 thug passion// SAF 4 SWM + Financial Stability// Girl Next Door wants to be your pet// SBM Bi 4 Couples// SAM 4 Blonde gurl, pref. size DD// Couple 4 Gay Boy//Lesbians 4 third// Desi 4 Desi// Christian 4 intense fucking, but must love Jesus// MWM looking 4 discreet encounters// In 2 Greek- U B 2// Chinese Dom accepting servant applications// No sex we watch each other play with ourselves// Want 2 B Tied-up & Shat on// Golden Shower & Heels Here!// Russian massage girls = good times// C'mere stiffy// Lesbian 2 torture/dominate male-- speciality: strap-on play// Normal Girl 4 Normal Boy// Glasses fetish?// Ass fetish?// Tit fetish?// Foot fetish?// School-girl fetish?// CEO/CFO fetish?// Poetry fetish?// Librarian Hot 4 Indie Boys// FWB!// FWB?// Friends first/ Fuck later if,// Just looking for friends// Finger me at the movies// How long is your tongue?// How long can you last?// Quickie// Marathon Sex// Cuddling// Bend me over, fuck me then leave, never want to see your face// Sex outdoors// Sex in Bathrooms// Looking for Marriage// Visa about to expire- don't want leave country// Hipsta grl 4 Hipsta Boy// Anyone lonely tonight//

Steven Karl

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