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Pings of Lashes

Steven Karl

Boxes/ too many/ boxes/ phobia of/ card/board/ collap/sing/ to become ensconced/ droopy footed/ dragged/ stopped/ placed/ fell/ out/ fell a/bout/ some/one laughed/ some/one gagged/ stifled sniffles could you please/ be done/ with it/ with it/ coming down/ in sheets/ water/ pitte/ring/ patte/ring/ feathers/ falling/ falling/ sheet/ un/folded/ clacked/ snapped/ stretched straight/ corners tucked/ a nice/ place to re/side/ to re/side in/ a nice place/ re/quires/ your/ hands/ here/ un/der covers/ un/der covers/ nothing/ but/ flat pil/lows/ so lean from/ head/ weight/ un/finished/ dreams/ scatterings of/ de/sire drop/pings/ of lashes/ yes you/ were here/ once/ your hair/ what/ the/ wash/er missed/ what the lint/ roller couldn't/ capture/ what is held/ be/tween/ fingers but/ if your hand/ was/ here/ that is/ what would/ be be/tween/ fingers/ may/ be/ some/thing else/ yes/ still dirty/ no/ it isn't dirty/ who doesn't/ like/ if done/ right/ if done often/ if done un/til/ sweaty/ then repeated/ who doesn't/ like _____/ is more/ de/pressed than _____/ than the dimp/ling/ the cratering/ in center of/ mattress/ there was so much/ but this re/petition/ be/gins with/out/ you/ this goes/ back to/ be/fore/ you/ after/ you/ fracturing/ a fila/ment/ a time/ of light/ de/voured/ still an/ occasional/ e/mail to say/ it continues/ to say/ hello/ to say/ it didn't/ work but/ yes you/ are missed/ you are/ missing/ out on _____ with/ this moping/ and that's ok/ its ok/ just know/ you/ are missed/ and we are/ waiting/

Steven Karl

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