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Custodians of a Fractious Country

Sarah Mangold

They are depicted with great scientific suit sleeves

A single faculty, dandelion, don’t get him started

She’s on pasting chunks of text, sewing collars from the wool of country life

Repeated tones:        white bread    letters    accents
                               philosophical hedgehogs

But for Spencer evolution was going somewhere

His requests to see the surface tailored but unobtrusive opened my jars rubbed my neck

Riots erupt

The improbably handsome

A welcomed guest

Insincerity in a culture brings to mind the most mysterious numbers

Three volumes of German-language units to say: (blanche your beans, then ice them)

Her parcels supplement mules with shows of sincerity still in combat

You nervous    this one is dancing    Be a woman

He saw American movies fell for them

You’re not striving to think of Darwin but he’s thrown in

My stomach was pages and gaiety did not come easily to him

Sarah Mangold

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