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Clearly, Early

Derek Henderson

She goes to trace my shadow with chalk

in order to see, to open my eyes.

Dreams decide; seeing explains itself—

through you I am

poured into fair flesh

under the sun—a known-together

& a leer, therefore equipped

with a leer—that is to say

100 times: your heat comes into my body

through the skin and all the while

snowmelt slips off the roof—

these are facts, not said memories;

this is gesture, roaming across me.

What is inside the impetuous outside—

it is round & small, disciplined & yellow—

if heat can conquer it, it will wither—

remedy, remedy, remedy—this is love.

Smoothness is sleep, drowse the love of soft

surface, the outcome of dew in cut grass.

The cause of want is the curl of smoke

in the sunlight, gray going white going

brilliant. Swing, swing.

I find a favored penny.

Derek Henderson

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