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What Not to Wear

Nathan Logan

No one has come out and said it,
but I get plenty of furrowed brows
when I go walking to the grocery
in purple corduroy pants and a shirt
showing raisins raining on a beach.
For your information, my shirt keeps
me cool and displays my readiness
to par-tay. Dogs howl when I approach,
but someone’s always playing a high-pitched
saxophone. When I get to the grocery store,
I hide the red and green grapes. Whenever
I see crayons, I’ll open the package and put
the purple shades in the front. I always
dress up as Grimace for Halloween and
this puzzles my neighbors. It’s clear
that no one understands my style; people
think I’m stuck in some kind of time warp.
I only have one thing to tell them: if I
don’t bring purple back, who will?

Nathan Logan

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