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Sinclair's Dinosaur

Jennifer Bartlett

for r. & b.


The angel husband arises and
takes the boy dragging fists
into the forest leaves soundless
I cannot dream enough
and it is with this dreaming
that I begin
slow body creeping down the stairwell
toward those who love me.

The boy wants to go on the canoe
and he drives his point home
and the father tries to convince him of the cold.

Rolls and bagels and good bread. Fig spread and jelly. Old butter.
Milk, OJ, four kinds of cereal. Coffee or tea. Fake sauage.

Outside to the boats.

One in the canoe and four in the boat. No, only three in the boat.
One is afraid or lazy or wants to be alone. One in the hammock.
One in the canoe. Three in the boat. Two in life jackets. One in
the blanket. One in the canoe. One reading Midwinters Day.
Three in the boat. One laughing. One nervous. One calm.
One in the canoe. One in the hammock, Midwinter Day, resting.

Jennifer Bartlett

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