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Sinclair's Dinosaur

Jennifer Bartlett


Good poetry news & call from Lisa
who has been up late with Norma.

Call from A. Missed and returned.

Doesn't want to go for a walk. Finds bees nest. Breaks down
on the road. Mother's turn.

Boy in the woods. We hold hands in
the swing looking out onto the nameless lake.
We are like lovers having good sex after
the killing argument.

What is black and white and read all over?
What has four men and rocks?
What moves like two turtles and lies and is a girl?
(Answers: The New York Times, The Beatles, Mommy)

On the phone A. sounded all
wrong. I know it is because she is worn,
the business of life has replaced her
language. She is worn like all mothers are
worn. I am worn -- a faded, well-loved dress.

Random lunch mainly composed of cheese.

Nap & Jim, Jeff, & Royal have eaten all the salami.

Kurt arrives & I have not yet written the part about
the dinosaur as promised.

o desolute silence

            Could you speak a little louder?
Will you tell me all I need to know?

In these Japanese novels there is always
a person who has died and a body of water.
Sometimes the two are connected,
often they are not.

            o the body wants
stupid body
            stupid wanting

Jennifer Bartlett

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