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Sinclair's Dinosaur

Jennifer Bartlett


Here is the story about the dinosaur:

The dinosaur (a brotasaurus) orgininates
from the Queens World Fair.
Royal's mother, a somewhat wealthy eccetric
from Staten Island
asked an oil company (for whom Dino was a mascot)
what they were going to do with the dinosaur,
which a appears to be made of thin metal.
They said, throw it away probably.
She said, I'll take it.
Royal's parents brought it up to the lake on a trailer
that they had bought to transport a sailboat.
Royal notes that the sailboat is long gone.
The dinosaur still lives on a raft.
Every year Royal's parents insist that he
drag Dino out into the middle of the lake.
If he doesn't do it, the neighbors come and ask too.
Royal does it because Royal is good.

Jennifer Bartlett

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