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Getting Lucky in April

Nicole Steinberg

Shamed by demi-celebs and doormen, this hectic
New York life seriously gives me hives. If I put on
the wrong eyeshadow, I’m invariably frazzled,
and it’s a total surprise when someone hugs you.
I look to the experts for ideas on scalp analysis,
socially-responsible vacations, and figure-forgiving
bras. I’m obsessed with my eyebrows to the point
of overzealousness—a citified lady in black
and fuschia, I go into a deep nail-polishing trance.
I’d love to live under-the-radar, be more organic:
a breezy thrift store junkie right at home on an
outdoorsy trip. In the spirit of recycling, I found
a used boyfriend on Craigslist and I’m taking him
on test rides ’round my doggie-proofed studio.

Nicole Steinberg

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