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Ode to Joy

Anthony Robinson

We are primitive information systems.
But how strange to be anything!
How lucky to have had the chance!

When we had matching pigtails,
we shared a brain, similar hearts,
whatever we required for closeness.

You were a firecracker & I,
a foil packet of charmed pills.

You had skin like gasoline & I smelled
like rubber.

We were each well-endowed
in our own ways.

All our photographs were magneted
upside-down to a murky blue refrigerator.

Sometimes we ate. When you were
lonely, which was often, we had some sex.

There were more or less equal amounts
of crying & yelling & soft seething.

When I think about those days,
I want to hum in a pitch my dog would understand,
& even appreciate.

Anthony Robinson

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