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Dark Pharmacy

J. P. Dancing Bear

          (Poem Starting with a Line by Julianne Buchsbaum)

I long for sleep, that dark pharmacy

so the days crush together in the pedestal

of your smile, and you call me with the bees

within your voice, a honeyed vibration

in the hive of your chest.

I want the inky drug that make this

happen so fluidly. Somnia, O Somnia

my arms are falling numb and useless.

I hear the breath of heavy horses

behind my ears, they sound

like leaves rushing

to some appointment in the earth.

Still I feel the bees come, humming

your message, Queen of the Nocturne,

Queen of Twisting Twilight. I left

on the horse you sent for me,

following your swarm deeper

and deeper into the black landscape

of your countryside. Wind whining

yet I am a cup of water

looking for the place you say

I may lake within you. I bring you slow

fish, eels scarving in the deep, swans

gliding like glaciers across my face.

I have come to feed the trees

that house the bees you rule.

My want is to be a reflection in

your swart irises with their stars

ablaze far inside.

Within the wraps of your

clouds, within your hills and dales

I wish to rest; drift on your season-

less currents to your cathedral,

that willow tree bending to wisp the waters.

Everything there is something else,

the water a narcotic, the grass a choir

of little whistles, the birds all brides

preening. So many beautiful creatures

resting in the hollow of your palms.

I raise a rose for your bees

and construct a house for them in my hands.

I am as hushed as amber. My ear

a rose. I listen for the grinding in twilight,

the promise of the drug that brings

me to this nightly place.

J. P. Dancing Bear

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