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You Are a Strategy

Jennifer L. Knox

You are a strategy
for to get what I need.

You are a little left-
over cheese in baggie.

You are a bad strategy.
Are you a purple skirt?

Then thanks for the child-
hood (flowers) I never had.

Actually I got flowers every
Valentine’s Day (violets).

You are a strategy to get
what I never got as a

childish purple skirt.
I was spoiled rotten.

That was their strategy.
It was a bad strategy.

You’re actually pretty
cool—the unbending way

you claim your baggie.
I don’t know how to

balance my checkbook.
Never learning how

is a strategy that takes
lifetimes to pull off.

I am a baggie of bloat—that’s,
ironically, one empty baggie.

I fear the end of many
bad strategies: those

who spoiled me are dead:
who will tell me stories

of flowers I actually got?

Jennifer L. Knox

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