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Sampson Starkweather

wanna see
my dead swan
the best pick up lines
involve chloroform
just your staple
circus story
ending in an ellipsis
the world’s last sentence
will be waving
a torn flag
like a plot summary
reverse apocalypse
radio crackle
is my favorite song
says here under occupations
conquistador of everything
you know
there’s a pill for that
the cop told me
buy low sell high
why won’t my plants die
maybe I’m a martyr
praying to an accident
electricity and your hamstring
are things I’d like
to lick a woman
cut my hair
hasn’t been the same since
the heart beats
a savage
aristocrat in its cube
how can you know so much
about my silence
my nightmares
my dream
job would be

Sampson Starkweather

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