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Brenda Sieczkowski

                                                i. bees

worcestershire needle museum closes to deswarm chimneys. workers stung. new plans call for scaffolding and mesh. Dear Museum, Let the bees keep their needles. Also the wax factories and necropoleis. The sugar-cube igloos. Sincerely.

lack magic; pre-wrath rapture. ladies and gentlemen: witness disappearing. in cliff-side asylums and sanatoria, consumptive lungs clot with soft, white cheese. colony collapse. Dear Invalids, Expose yourselves. Sincerely.

down labyrinthine wings, ventilators suck and hum. call for the button accordions. Dear Social Director, Strike up the band. Save one last dance. Swan.

under the ultraviolet chandelier, white feather gowns flutter and glow otherworldly. anti-septic. the last wild spores germinating. Dear End.

Brenda Sieczkowski

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