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Brenda Sieczkowski

                                                iii. bees

quinby burnishes humble bee smoker. ladies and the mesmerizing flea-circus autopsy of bees. bee 12. bee 624. smoked almonds? corporate sponsorship? slide out the old frozen-drone samples.

Dear Vanishing Sympathizers, Show your stripes. Pin on your honeybee buttons. Sincerely. protest ephemera: one-lick honeysicles, a single-axon ommatidium. ten billion

disappearances. at the road-side diner, messages in spilled sugar. examiners bug glass observation hives. hum and stumble. static cling. Dear Apiary Inspectors of America,

Dear Gumshoes, Scrape under your soles. Rattle your skeleton keys. What’s the proboscis? all gaucho pesticides banned. time to call off the fruitless search, inflate the late-stage revival tents.

Brenda Sieczkowski

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