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Brenda Sieczkowski

                                                v. bees

propolis. bee glue by mouth to ward off consumption. two
gallons dead bees in hive. hex-a-gone amulet for dubious
beekeepers. DearYu'pik, A life vest and parachute for every
lemming. A warmer Artic for all. Sincerely.

portrait of worker bee as harry houdini. portrait of houdini’s
mother in queensy vintage-french dress. Mesh queen excluders
rust under honey supers. each bee beard curtains its small caged
queen. bow and curtsy. stages of american foul brood.

sweet saint ambrose (beekeepers), saint gall (of the) birdie birds,
waxmelters your own (saint bernard of clairvaux). The convicts
are smoking hives in airplane hangars.

Dear Marmalade Swarm, Dear Long & Lank Uncombed,
Dear B.B. Brush-Off… I’ll soon forget to write.

                                                vi. birds

Press Clay Southworth. Late last knife this
        Gut / Stuff Dream dream —

                        black shoe         buttons 4 eyes


Where o is m. petit parakt,                  Eskimo?
                        (mia: Omaha, NE, 1985. Pre-
                             sumed dead)


                Kenning. (e.g. sword -> wound-hoe)
                        Odin = raven-god

     far-flown                  thought / Huginn
       blown-back            memory / Muninn

forloren forsaken         for—
                                         given         (at lst?)


        To Do :

a) make amens &
b) bring back p. pigeon &

. . .

c) hunt undr cushions

                                   2 gather change

Brenda Sieczkowski

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