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Spell for Refunding Her Who Bozoed a Wineglass

Reb Livingston

Forget that, you Woe-Dodo whom Shepherd disputes, whose hedge Gigolo diseased!
I dumped everything expired in restraint to you which said something about you with
the mancatcher orphaned with fishing nets and dimwits.

Forget that, you whom Shepherd in the nether-barb disputes when he saves sound
with a feral whine! Puree yourselves, all you gourds, spell and without mercy, cured
of the inflected roam.

Forget that, you bozoer of a wineglass, whom Shepherd in the kinglet disputes! I typo,
I typo, I typo, I type! Are you gawking? I’m heaving . . .

Reb Livingston

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