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Fortunato Salazar

Imma eat me a hot dog in a rowboat.
Imma tap me some ass in a kitchen.
Imma unrepair me plastic picket.
Imma squat and leave a nice long ribbon.

Imma tap me some ass in an attic.
Imma varnish an Adirondack chair.
Imma write me a note in a hammock.
Imma jack me power from a spire.

Imma make a racket like a woodpecker.
Imma look up all the words I don't know.
Imma wear me white like Zoroaster.
Imma tap me some ass on a patio.

Imma get the wall up off my back.
Imma probe the brother about a seed.
Imma tap me some ass in a hammock.
Imma look me up the word for mustard.

Fortunato Salazar

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