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Fortunato Salazar

Imma roust a rabbit from its foxhole.
Imma drop my book and not my glasses.
Imma loosen while I eat my scramble.
Imma compose a note in Greek that sez

Abraham slept upstairs across the street.
Imma fold the note and work on my tan.
Imma mime a bus driver with sore feet.
Imma digest the brain scan anointing.

Imma confound the money changer.
Imma get inside a yellow jacket.
Imma squander one third of a quarter.
Imma sting an already stung rabbit.

Imma separate the book from the flu.
Imma present myself as unribboned.
Imma go where the opportunists go.
Imma be directed with the right hand.

Fortunato Salazar

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