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Matthew Shindell

. . .

I'm rebuilding my dead grandmother in a computer.

Last night I emailed her a cup of coffee.


"Say 'Hello,' Grandma."

Grandma says, "Hello."

. . .

"Grandma," I say, "now you are like stones on the water."

She doesn't understand.

I can't explain; I'll try: "Grandma, when you first came, they said
the work was in the forest. Boys nailed radios to fence posts and you
said you clapped. You were a little Jewish girl."

She was a little Jewish girl.

She has forgotten.

"When food still came from the ground," I add. "You sewed buttons on
trees, I think."

"Put me in my body," she says.

Her body is gone.

"I'll have to look," I say. "It's not really in the budget."

I put a woman's body on my list of unforeseen expenses.

Matthew Shindell

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