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Arielle Greenberg

I have days when I make fashion & beauty resolutions. In fact, I would estimate that I make a fashion or beauty resolution almost every day. They are often the same resolutions over and over.

For example, I think, I will never again leave the house without first applying mascara. Mascara and perfume! I will wear both, even if I am only going to New Leaf health food store in a semi-bad neighborhood and then later the dentist! I will apply lipstick even if I am about to go out to eat and all the lipstick will come off on my napkin!

Or I think, I will get rid of every ugly or ill-fitting item I own and that will force me to wear the nice things even if it is very snowy or very hot and my very nice clothes are likely to become wet or sweat-stained. I will just wash them. If they disintegrate over time or become ruined I will buy something else.

I will not buy anything else until the things I already own become ruined, I vow. My noble wearing of my very nice clothes and their eventual ruin will be my license to buy new, very nice clothes.

These resolutions are usually broken on the same day that I make them.

Arielle Greenberg

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