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Dress As If Away

Arielle Greenberg

Whenever I go on vacation or on a trip or to a conference, I only pack really nice outfits, outfits I will feel cute in if I happen to go into a cute store of cute things (which I try to always do while on vacation) or if I pass my reflection in a shop window. I want to like myself on vacation. I bring my best socks, the ones that don’t scrunch down or have holes in them, and my makeup. I bring one or two pairs of cute shoes.

Nine eleven had an impact on my shoe packing. I used to bring more shoes.

I wear these cute outfits and feel cute and then when I come home I vow to always dress as if I am away and do not have access to my less-cute things.

This vow, too, is usually broken within the first day.

Arielle Greenberg

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