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Can You Remember

Ken Rumble

Change the soundtrack of your life:
find the lair of that other Eden,
New England.  The ventriloquist’s dummy
sees symmetry, in truth, imposed.
The espresso wails behind the gathered,
behind that ABCs all spell New England.
Write other letters, the stain and stair
on the ladder of desire.  Propped against
the retainer wall, scribbled in vines,
life goes on behind the chicken and pizza pie.
When the dust is up, slow and the way
is there: 2 and two still equals New England.
Whosofor, motherfucker?  There even
the cats speak Japanese and all
strange comes from Siam.  The king
in the spotlight and me with
the ching-ching.  These days bling-bling by –
why take one for the world?  New England
is always there, reflecting
the cosmic boom.

Ken Rumble

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