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Stanzas Ending With the Same Line

Lucy Biederman

There’s no good way to end this.

Nothing’s outside the window.

Hand me that piece of paper—

it shows how to put the furniture back together.

There have been so many days.

Each one makes this house smaller.

It’s fine that small, fine with me.

So come on, help me put this furniture together.

I wish I were a robot.

I’d live in a factory,

and with my neutral gray claws,

I’d spend all day putting furniture together.

It isn’t a time of day.

Let’s start with an easy one,

see how it goes, and who knows,

we might agree to do the rest of it.

As you’re smashing the boxes,

I miss those useless boxes.

Love, dismantle this ending.

Let’s put our furniture back together instead.

Lucy Biederman

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