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Swiss Mix

Micki Myers

                        — Meals With A Foreign Flair, 1963

It’s Swinger’s Night at the Madisons! Harry and his twin brother Jack help their lovely wives, Glenda and Ruby (unnatural redheads both!) spear tenderloin cubes of beef on long fondue forks to be fried in hot cooking oil right at the table. You wouldn’t guess it, but in just under an hour, these two lovely couples will be having at it like mountain goats in rutting season all over the living room furniture! And who could blame them? Glenda’s a gorgeous piece of ass under that homely green turtleneck, and has been looking forward to the satisfaction only two men can give all week long.

The next morning, dishevelled, and late for work, she’ll notice that they totally forgot to eat the crepes she’d prepared as part of her Swiss theme, so there they sit rolled up in the pan, rubbery from the brandy she’d planned to set aflame.

Micki Myers

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