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Red Gotham

Matthew Hittinger

Am I the watchman? Am I the spy?

Here in this museum Ich bin der Spion.

and I watch the watchman watching.

Sehen und gesehen. Does he watch

me as I study this bed? Does he know

Ich bin der Spion? This bed is not a crime

scene. That paint is not blood. It is

the body's night sweat, the mind's leaked

dreams, the mixed pigments of two

men's brushes. Manchmal träume ich

in vollständige deutsche Sätze.

I wake I translate them into fortune

cookies and flags. This flag hangs

across from the bed : single object R

meet single object J. This love letter

of color between two found objects.

This game is like an Adventskalendar :

Das Bett ist eine Tür. Und was verbirgt

sich hinter dieser Tür?
Behind door

number one was the watchman. First

watch or second the spy watched

him check his watch. Behind door

number one : the watchman's shadow

but not the spy's. Wo ist der Spion?

Wer ist der Spion? Bin ich? Behind door

number one : a quilt without a bed. A flag

without a nation. Encaustic shadow city.

Matthew Hittinger

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