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Two Thieves and a Liar

Neil de la Flor & Maureen Seaton

after Jim Dine

1. The cat in the suit is almost invisible.

2. Three pals etched and bonding, two laughing, one coy.

3. Jaunty, jauntier, and propped up with a stick.

4. Is that Pinocchio’s brother?

5. The one next to the wolf wearing a top hat?

6. What did the dude in the cat suit steal? Anybody?

7. The wolf has really long hair, like Snow White’s.

8. The boy's shoelaces are untied, dangling.

9. That little boy can’t be trusted. Do you believe me?

10. Is the sky really that blue?

11. I think their names are Imelda, Ida, and Lambda.

12. Everybody’s authentic and off-guard, like flowers.

13. Duh.

14. I’d be proud to date any one of them.

Neil de la Flor & Maureen Seaton

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