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Talking Trash Vol. 1

Neil de la Flor & Maureen Seaton

after Melinda K. Hall

1. Crow, you say, and no one answers.

2. Why are you standing near a strawberry?

3. You are a crow with an inquisitive air.

4. How many feathers make up a talking bird?

5. Do crows eat pizza?

6. Ever consider the trouble you could get into?

7. Calamari?

8. Does your shorter leg take more time to reach the ground?

9. Are you afraid of trash-talking ravens?

10. Are those marks that hover over your tail notes to self?

11. X marks the spot above the alphabet that you invented.

12. You’re surrounded by the garbage of math and language arts.

13. Have you ever flown over the site of a wounded bear?

14. Your vocal cords are tighter than your strange place on the canvas.

Neil de la Flor & Maureen Seaton

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