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Furvert Love Poem

Brian Laidlaw

of the hebrides & shebrides & the hybrids
the pizzly or grizzlar bear

in the northern territories is a roan
not of red or black & white but

of two deadlies all
kinds of craps in its maw, organic & in,

a canon of fishes & loaves. it saw
your using the crosshatch thatch of the

picnic blank, it herds a zydeco rise
from yachts in the breakwater. even

its unspoken tones intone in a pidgin.
the offsprings fertile at least as fertile

as tundra is, blinking codes a coda
of accords or bargains on barges driven

home with tongues in private
property, snowblind, in a stadiums worth

of barren brightness:
it would take one forever or two forevers

to interweave our carrion
like that, a great shifting of camps

in the camplight.
you’d get myopic & probably

promptly boned & grow
to bury reminders of these unwanted

workplace encounters at the loom, mean-
while the two deadlies

made a braid of a hebride & a shebride
sensually hempen

& unafraid of picking one another
up with braces & claws

in a crawlspace like strangers,
in a bar bargaining:

here is an acre of checkerclotch
where the grossest from afar &

the grossest
from anear brew anew

bruin, not barren & in return i just wonder
whether the pizzly or grizzlar were

conceived on a nice float or a floe
or pounded out on the clay

of a commonplace with
clover & whether, come from two

of the four corners to copulate,
they found a pallet & a photographer there.

Brian Laidlaw

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