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Record: 11-13

Brian Spears

3rd in the division
4½ games back

Saturday May 1, Arizona Diamondbacks at Chicago Cubs, Bottom of the 5th, 2:27 p.m.

leads things off with the Cubs down Duncan Hunter takes the lead in the Asshole Triathlon the many faces of Alan Rickman if Capital One would raise my limit I'd buy a new computer right now one away Doctor Who alert is on most of the sausage moved to safety rolling over it and fouling it Oh I'll get the new Sherlock Holmes on Monday propositions and hour romances bring up Marlon what the hell is a march of the sombreros? For Do I Look Illegal Day I think I'll sport two middle fingers the Kentucky Derby is today? how irrelevant slides with a double talents of the middle-aged brain late to pre- #nerdprom drinks with run scores give Ramirez @Lauruhhpalooza Holy Fuck it's May Hitchens replaces Alexie huh might be heading to gulf coast to help clean up oil Sugar's got answers I'll think about writing you a recommendation a veggie burger Whopper at the airport strand Byrd at third

Brian Spears

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