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Serena Chopra

I am speaking with the language
from the soft languish marrow (meaning
you know what I am going to say; you know
I am going to say (stay) “between words”)

This is not between us, lover, this word
is not between us—I am going to say
we are between the word. Stay. There
is no single sensible answer: What counts

as a word. What counts is a word.
words. Over half these words (of all the words)
are nouns, a quarter are adjectives

a seventh verbs (meaning quartered adjectives)
(there is no rest!) the rest is made up
of exclamations, conjunctions, prepositions, suffixes, etc.
That is a sensible answer.

And of these figures, lovers, between
moments are always between
words. A sense for different parts
(such as nouns and adjectives) (such as a single answer)
of speech.

Serena Chopra

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