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Last Words of the Born-Again Virgin

Robyn Art

1) Springtime, perpetually chthonic and goofy
2) Springtime, frothy and resinous, bleatingly confused (as in storing-the-varmint-rifle-with-the-stemware?)
3) The not-yet-happening encased in bud all around us like the whack nomenclature of highway signs and the promise of hot wings and life in the exurbs
4) (The Good Life: no baseboard rot, underage gun play, maybe fashioning soap from homegrown rendered pig lard?)
5) The Good Life: nearly always Somwhere-Else-Happening
6) The big rains have unglued the half-thawed earth again as surely as we’ve been moving toward each other truly and inevitably as our own eventual, perforated deaths, but Whatevs
7) (Feeling of Recognition: less like epiphany, more like serious rug burn?)
8) In a borrowed house, Jesus’s grievous mug on the wall of every room, that particular look of the Holy: half resplendent, half hung-over
9) Unheimleichnit: literally, “Un-Home-Likeness”
10) Kinda like Delaware?
11) Yeah, Delaware!
12) A bannerless outpost, as-of-yet unblinking by which all will be transformed
13) (All is light! I tell you, Light!)
14) Which some call “search and seizure,” some call “taken and held”

Robyn Art

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