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What It Would Have Been Like, Wyoming

Brandon Shimoda

What It Would Have Been Like
There go the colors that cover
you, cultivations
that the ground had allowed. Ask.

What They Would Have Been Like

Cattle are given over to our bodies,
pale, and paled in
by the theater of our stripping down.

As animals, hard to convince,
bellowing with spit,
coarsened by acid loam and germ.

Where They Would Have Taken You

Along the drive, blushing
at their maturity - pathological
and abusive of our lilt - which makes
you want to, all the more so: goodbye
grass and lo, what land,
red against the rushing of the valley.

What We Would Have Imagined

Too great the property
of our wandering, too heavy to be
properly easeled and rendered.

Where We Would Have Done It

In this state. On the cheek or
on the chin,
with your lips matching my blood.

What We Would Have Been Like

I will be viciously attacked
by a loose one, as you watch, your bare bottom
flagged among the mountains.

Brandon Shimoda

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