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Catching wind of: others, alphabets, autonomy

Steffi Drewes

perched upon a choppy crag splash
                      can’t help but dream of caves
waving salt shadows projected
           what breeds disaster posture
repeat it twice:           angelic oversight

tickled ego time for daisies deconstruction
                      de-wall-flowering falling moss
knock knock who’s hollow brick and falter
fall in step arching after old word
           wisdom culminates in top-heavy, teeter

muzzled and wind-nuzzling
           made to kiss and stand and walk on stilts
talk about knock-kneed and nearsighted
           tackle her chisel brow slightly bruised

gush uttering how to lure little hips
           tottering to market mercurial
one shell was broke-borrowed and didn’t
           care next door let down your hair let
tumble words touch and toss for fun most of hers
           were heave-ho shattered to start with

quick plunge of an arrow
           shark-toothed bull sparks a landslide
here comes history, shoddy foreground fills under
           our pages look nothing alike

Steffi Drewes

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